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UNI-T (UT330C) protocol


I am trying to obtain the protocol of a Datalogger from Uni-T, the UT330C.

I would like to interface it with LabVIEW for a project with students.

I will be glad someone can give it to me !!

Thank you very much

Best egards


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The recording software seems to install a Silabs CP210x driver so there is a chance that it uses actually a Virtual Serial port. In that case it would be theoretically possible to control that device with the VISA functions in LabVIEW.


HOWEVER: Without a protocol description this is basically useless and the manual does not contain anything that could be even considered an attempt for a protocol description.


So have you contacted the manufacturer? Without a protocol description it is pretty much useless to try to do anything outside of their own control software. And they are the people who can give you such a description, if they want to.

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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