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ULx in LabVIEW - Error 10023 occurred at ULx Create Channel (AI-Temperature).vi:2950001



I need help figuring out what is wrong with my program.

There is no drop-down list for the temperature channels but they exist for the voltage channels. Even when I click browse an empty opens (image).

I have followed the procedure in this file but there is still no list. 

When I try typing the path, it brings up the error.


Thanks for your suggestion

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Can you see the temperature channels in InstaCal? I seem to remember having to configure the board with that program before all the channels would work.

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Yes, I can all see the temperature readings when I call the analog test in InstaCal.

 I have also configured all the channels from InstaCal.


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What version of ULx are you using, and is it the newest one?

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Thanks for your responses.


Am not sure of the version, but I downloaded it within the last 6 months and my VI manager regularly update the LabVIEW packages.

Any idea on how to get the newest version just in case mine isn't?

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You have to get ULx from Measurement Computing as part of the MCC DAQ CD, from here:

It looks like the current version of ULx is 2.22, part of MCC DAQ CD 6.60, released last September. You might try updating it and see if it makes any difference.

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