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UDP receiver in LV

I think you miswrote something in your previous post, it sounded like you had set the DSP and the PC to the same address: "when I set the IP address of the DSP to, the PC with IP address of seems to receive no data."

To make sure I understand, do you have a direct Ethernet connection between the PC and DSP during your testing? I recommend that you leave the "net address" input of UDP Open unwired. What are the rest of the network settings on the DSP? Do you have any network connectivity between the DSP and PC? Does the DSP respond to a ping from the PC?
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   Sorry for the mistake I made in the text. The IP address of the DSP and PC are different( I have connected the DSP and PC directly through RJ45 socket via a net cable. When I send data from the DSP to PC via UDP, I can see those data on Wireshark. I have not embedded ICMP protocol in DSP yet. However, I wonder the Wireshark thing somehow validates the connectivity of the DSP and PC. 

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Directly, as in a single cable?


Did you use an ethernet crossover cable?

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Yes, I connected the DSP and PC through a crossover cable via RJ45 socket. 

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Thank you, guys, the problem has been solved. It was the IP checksum that caused the problem. Wireshark does not validate the IP checksum check under default mode. Therefore, I did not manage to notice the wrong byte order of the IP checksum. Now everything seems to be working fine. Anyway, thank you guys for your kindly help!

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