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UDP Write affecting decimate1D array


I am doing parallel UDP read-write for my application. First of all, i am collecting the data through UDP read in an array then segregating it through decimate 1D array.

Now every time I try to write the data (basically overwriting the analog value) it successfully write the data but gives me 0 (Zero) for that period I hold the write button and also changed the sequence in decimate 1D array.

Please see the attached image for better understanding.


Thanks in advance


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The problem is most likely on the diagram, so why don't you show us that instead? Best would be to attach the actual VI.


(I suspect a race condition or other coding mistake)

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So your code has a bug, and instead of showing us the code (so we can help you find the bug), you show us "proof that there's a bug".  We believe you.  Now show us the code (by attaching the VI -- don't attach a picture of the VI).


Bob Schor

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