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UDP Receiver Data issue - Xilinx


Hi team ,


I am new to this Protocol and Software .


I am using xilinx - vivado AC701 Kit . I need to capture a data from that kit using the Ethernet Port configured .


For checking the proper channel and pockets which was transmitted and received was validated by Wireshark Tool . i validated in that tool by capturing the specific number of pockets  and verified .


In labview , i started by simple UDP example program and tried out the multicast UDP example also . for capturing the data from xilinx board over Ethernet port .


I checked the proper timeout was there like that . But no data was received from the receiver side example program .


Note : I dint Run the sender program vi in that example project , because this xilinx AC701 kit will already provide a data transfer over a specific port address ( Port number : 36636 )


attached the Xilinx datasheet procedure. Kindly Go through and guide me to move forward

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