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Hi everyone


I'm trying to read data from a rangefinder (TeraRanger Evo 64px) via UART (8N1). However the myRIO runs at a maximum of 230.400 bits/s and the rangefinder runs at 3.000.000 bits/s. This is why i'm trying to read the data via the DIO pins on the FPGA module instead. Shouldn't this be possible with a clock rate of 40MHz on the FPGA?


With the code i have made i'm experiencing, that one byte is read (i think) when the sensor is powered on and then it gets stuck somewhere (i think). I'm trying to read 265 bytes i total, which should be one frame in total I believe. I have attached the code below.


Any suggestions regarding software or other ways to solve the problem is much appreciated.


Thank you 🙂

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