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TypeDef Ring does not generate a value change event

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Posting to see if anyone else has experienced this and maybe discover if it's intended behavior or not.


I was writing a simple test VI that basically involved using a ring to generate the correct set of binary data (number to bool array), which would then be used to turn relays on/off. This was written to occur on the value change event of the ring. 


Note, I had made the ring a type def, in case I changed values after testing. When I tested the VI, though, nothing was happening -- the event case never triggered. I slapped down a fresh ring and event struct in a new VI and it triggered just fine. Put my type def ring in there, again no event!


Is there a reason that a type def ring won't generate a value change event but a regular one will?



Thanks in advance,


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Both of those controls trigger the event for me. 


Edit: You should really have a loop around your event structure so that it continues to monitor for events.  Otherwise the structure will only detect one event and execution will end (unless you are using the dreaded Run Continuously). 

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Yep, no problems triggering the event for me either, LV 2016.
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Restarted LabVIEW and it works - posted prematurely!


Thank you for the note on architecture. I would never code anything like that. It was just quick and very easy to know whether the event happened, since the VI would stop if it did or would keep running if not.

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FYI - be aware of this caveat when using a typdef'd ring.

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