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Two different front panel for the same VI ?

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Hi everybody !

For a project in my school, I need to use labview to both project a grid on a projector and control a camera to capture this grid. I know it's possible to "send" the front panel on a second screen (the projector in my case) but is it still possible to have another front panel on the main screen ? Do I need to use a sub-VI for that ?


Thanks in advance !


Lionel Schmied

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Having two sub-vi's called from a main vi, one to do the "projecting" the other controlling the camera, would be a fine method. The main can be minimized the other two can have their front panels set to open when called. If there is a need to communicate between them you should look up the "producer/consumer" example under the help/examples pull down in the LabVIEW front panel toolbar.

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I have done something similar to this as far back as LV 5.  The "projection" VI can be a subVI which runs in parallel with the main VI or a regular subVI which is called within a loop in the Main VI whenever the value on the screen needs to be updated. The subVI contains a hidden control to get inputs from Main and a Picture indicator for the image to be projected - no code executes inside the subVI.  The Main VI panel is on the computer screen and can be sued to control or monitor what is projected.  I have also written a "Slide Show" program which behaves similarly.



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Thank you both answers helped me ! To my surprise, adding just the VI for projecting as a sub-VI worked great !

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