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Two analog output signal in the same time with SCC-68.Is it possible?

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I had connect in my SCC-68 two things. One led in the ao0(screw terminal 22) and aoGND (screw terminal 55), and one loud-speaker in ao1 (screw terminal 21) and aoGND(screw terminal 55).

I try to generate a sinus sugnal to ao1 and a DC signal to ao0. Separetly they work, but in the same time they didn't...

I had try in Labview, and in SignalExpress too...

Any help?

Thanks: Koli 

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Hi Koli,

how did you try to use both? You can create only one task, because the ao are multiplexed. You can use both outputs on the same task.



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You would need an actual DAQ card and not just an SCC-68 dumb terminal block. With a DAQ card, you should have no problems if you use a single DAQmx Write or single DAQ Assistant .
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I have a Daq card... (NI PXI-6251 M series Multifunction DAQ)...

lv.JPG signal expr.JPGHere is two pictures how i tried it...

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As mentioned, you simply cannot have multiple DAQ Assistants that control the same hardware resource. In you case, the same hardware resource is analog out. If you want both ouputs at the same time, combine them into a single DAQ Assistant. You can have multiple channels.


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I didnt find this DAQ Assistant thing...Where is it?

Once i had make a mistake and i had delete one shortcut in the start-menu, but i dont know what had i delete...Maybe this?

Here is a picture from my start menu:startmenu.JPG 


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Accepted by topic author Kolos

Hi Koli,

you already use it in your code. The Express vi's which you marked with ao0 and ao1. 🙂



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Thanks! It's work now! 🙂
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