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Two Executables in Start bar


Two Executables in Start bar

Hello everyone,
I have an executable that was created with Labview 8.2 application builder.  This program is located on a network drive and used by multiple users across the corporate network.  This program is only used for revision of data that has been collected in our R&D Lab.  I have had a couple complaints about the program not shutting down properly.  This behacior is not consistant, only happening once in awhile.  I notice that when the program executes two labview bars are displayed in the Windows Start Bar (XP Pro).  When the program is exited the farthest right bar closes but the left one still hangs around for a little while and on a few cases had to be closed through the task manager.  Does anyone know whay two applications are being displayed in the start bar and had any one experienced this behavior before.
Thank you,
Steven Marmillo
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Re: Two Executables in Start bar


Does your vi use the "Quit" to close the application?

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Re: Two Executables in Start bar

For the two windows, add an entry in the ini file under [Application].

Application.ini contains:


This will cause only one entry on the task bar to show up.  Replace
'Application' with the name of your .exe file (there should already
be an ini file in the proper form).

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Re: Two Executables in Start bar


Thanks for the quick responses, I am using the Quit labview vi to exit the application.  I added the text to the .ini file and the second windows does dissapear.  The issue was with the second window not closing when the application was exited, so technically if the operator never sees the second window it is now a mute point.  Is there a possiblility that Labview will remain loaded in memory even if I am using the Quit Labview vi.

Again thanks for the advise.


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Re: Two Executables in Start bar


The "Quit" should unload labview in pretty short order.  One thing I learned the hard way early on was to set up the vi so the users could not close the window.  Users kept using the X in the upper right corner to exit my programs.  Program stopped midstream and did not execute the quit labview on the way out.  Noticed it took a while for labview to finally exit when this happened.

I've never had to add the line to the .ini to prevent the second item on the task bar.  I'll have to look into that.

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