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Trying to reinstall NI Package Manager, but could not find MIFSystemUtility.dll

Uninstalled NI a while ago, and now trying to reinstall NI back to PC.

First trying to install NIPM, but error shows: Unable to load MIFSystemUtility.dll from the path: ''. Ensure your package depends on the NI-Paths package and that the NI-Paths package has already being installed on system.


Checked all hidden folders including system, users, etc.

Checked regedit, deleted old ones.

Still no luck.


Any help is highly appreciated.

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Not sure what would cause this failure yet. Can you give more information about the version that was previously installed and the version that you are trying to install? Are there any files in the C:\Program Files\National Instruments\NI Package Manager\ directory right now? If yes, maybe "dir /s" to generate output to a file and share it.


Not sure if these are being created at this point in the install, but it might be helpful to share any NI Package Manager logs created/updated when trying to do this install. The files of interest include any updated and any new files in these directories:

  • %localappdata%\National Instruments\NI Package Manager\Logs\
  • %localappdata%\National Instruments\NI Package Manager\Logs\NIPkgLogs\
Scott Richardson
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When you "uninstalled NI a while ago", did you only uninstall software using NIPM and Add/Remove Programs entries, or did you also manually delete any NI related software directories and/or registry keys?

Scott Richardson
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