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Trying to get Labview to show what's on the 3585A readout

Hi, I tried searching for this but nothing came up. I'm completely new to Labview and I'm having a tough time getting to do what I want it to do. I have the PCI-GPIB card securely in the laptop and in the instrument (Ageilent 3583A Spectrum Analyzer). I'm able to send commands and remotely control it, but I want to be able to get a readout of measurements on Labview. I've also downloaded the 3585A drivers as posted in other threads.

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What specifically are you trying to get?

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Sorry I made it pretty vague. I'm trying to see if I input say a continuous signal that labview would be able to pick it up and display exactly what the display on the instrument shows. Is this possible? But the problem is the IDN? command doesn't do anything to identify the device But I can send commands to the device just fine and it accepts them.

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So are you looking for a screen capture of what's being displayed on the analyzer?


The *IDN? command is not supported by that instrument since it's so old. Do you have the manual for that instrument? It would show you the commands it actually accepts.

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Yes basically. But would it also be able to convert the analog readout (the wave showing the frequency) to an actual number that shows up on labview? I have the manual but I can't figure out which command works. If someone could tell me which tag I need to use that would be greatly appreciated. The operating manual is on this page: Remote operation starts on page 254. 

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Well, I for one won't go to some odd web site to view the manual. Proper etiquette is to attach it here.


In any case, the driver you said you downloaded has a read function (i.e. 3585A Retrieve Data). Did you try it?

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Sorry, I tried attaching it twice but it wouldn't let me post a reply (I'm guessing there's a restriction on large attachments for new members?). How would I go about that?

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The manual is actually available directly from Agilent: That's a site I'd have no problems going to.


Did you try the Read VI as Dennis suggested?

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Zip it?


What about answering my question about the read function in the driver?

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Sorry, I wasn't in the lab yesterday to check. Yeah I got that VI to work, but for some reason, it doesn't capture all of the data. For example, the instrument bandwidth is from 20MHz to 40MHz but Labview shows only about 20-22MHz with a spike at the end.

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