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Troubleshooting LV(8.6.1) crash

Hello, I'm trying to locate the cause of an application crash. There is no diagnostic output from LV. WinXP pops up dialog allowing only 'Send' or 'Don't Send' (report to Microsoft). Either button results in all other LV code termination.

From XP event log I see: Error; Event ID: 1000; Description: Faulting application labview.exe, version, faulting module msvcr71.dll, version 7.10.6030.0, fault address 0x00003551.

It is a large application with many processes, one of which is a TCP server. This is the only one which is found to be unresponsive after the crash; all others continue to work normally. (Server listens for incoming messages, then spawns a new handler for each message received.) At a nominal polling rate of once per second, crash occurs after several hours in some cases, while lasting several days/weeks with no crash in other cases. Same issue was seen in LV8.5, LV8.5.1, and now LV8.6.1. Frequency of crash is very sporadic.

What else should I look for to get clues for pinpointing the cause?

Thanks for any insight,


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Hello Brian,


One good tool for debugging Windows crashes is Windbg. Are you calling any external code (dlls). If the dll is coded wrong it is very possible that Windows could close LabVIEW without any of our crash loggers picking up anything.


Jon S.
National Instruments
LabVIEW NXG Product Owner
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