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Troubles in installing NI Vision Acquisition Software 17.1

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Hi! I have a touble in  installing NI Vision Acquisition Software 17.1. When I install the software with  administrator access, an error message showed that 'The "NI-RIO Chinch 17.0(64-bit)" installation has failed. Continue?'. I don't know how to install it correctly.

    In fact, I have reinstalled the software and ignored these error messages, but the NI MAX icon didn't appeared on my desktop. so, anyone can help me? Great appreciates.

    My LabVIEW(2017) version is 17.0, does this matter?

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Accepted by topic author KunliangBu

Ignoring whether the MAX icon is on the desktop - is it in your start menu?

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No, I can't find the Max icon.

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I have reinstalled the software once again and the error messages were still existed. The  MAX icon was not on the desktop,as expected. However, it appeared in my start menu, as you mentioned. Thank you!

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The error message implies that the NI RIO installation was required either by default or due to one of the installation options you selected. If you are not deploying to a real-time target then I don't foresee any issues with this type of installation error.

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