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Trouble loading project

When trying to open a .lvproj file I get a Resolve Load Conflict window that list a vi in two places; on C: which is correct and also on the CD drive. The details lists Path: as the correct C: directory. The error line then states it has already been loaded from CD. The "Load with Selected" button greys out when I select the correct location. I can fix this by removing the CD. But what if instead of CD it was a hard drive directory?


Also since I have removed the CD there is a continuous stream of files that need to have load conflicts resolved. Is there a simple way to resolve this without reacting to each one?





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Close everything down.  Only open up the project you want to work with.  Then resolve the conflicts and get them pointed at the correct file locations.  Save the VI's, close everything down.  Next time you open that project, the VI's should point to the file locations you want.
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