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Triple Booted Labview


I have been very happy using a iMac dual booted with Labview 2010

Mac & Windows. Before investing in the Linix version, has anyone

used Labview on a triple boot system ?



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In what sense? The operating sysems would be independent of each other, so pretty much what you see (or rather don't see) with the Mac and Windows partitions would extend to the Linux partition as well. Do you have a specific question about the Linux version of LabVIEW? I know that driver support for the Linux platform is fairly low, so if you're using hardware you should first check to make sure you can actually get drivers for your hardware for Linux.

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I have not seen any issues with LabVIEW over Linux on a dual boot machine.

As smercurio explained, the OSes are independent from one another.


Are you having some issues or are you curious as to if it is possible to do so?  If this is the case, I do not know of any issue that would prevent you from installing LabVIEW within your Linux partition.  Which distribution are you using?

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my 2c.


Use virtual machines unless you're dependent on PCI hardware or something VM-incompatible.


It's not officially supported by NIs licensing but it solves so many headaches I don't know where I'd be without it.



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Thank you all.


I only use the USB-6501 for simple I/O.

Most all Mac triple boots seem to use Unbuntu.

I looked to see if I could download a demo from NI

to try, but it seems that a Linix demo is not available.

At times, trying to be cross platform developer is trying

and Labview's lack of 64 Bit support doesn't help.



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I use Ubuntu.  No complaints so far.. 

They do have 64bit support for Windows. 


I do not know if it is too late to sign up for the Beta program.  You could sign up for Linux & Mac.


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I would prefer Unbuntu.

The NI website says that they only support

Red Hat & SUSE.

But, alas, no demo. I think I will bring up Unbuntu for

some other non-Labview projects.


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Although it does not mention support for Ubuntu, you can still install it and use it.

There's a thread that discusses how to install LV onto Ubuntu.

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