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Triggering through PCI 7833R to PCI 1422

Hello Experts,


Being a newbie in Labview world, please ignore my silliness or stupid questions.


I am working with labview and trying to trigger my Swept source with the camera I am using. I have a camera and a frame grabber NI card i.e PCI 1422 which is working well and I am able to communicate with my camera for acquiring images. But now I have a FPGA card i.e PCI 7833R which I am using to trigger my source with the camera so when the particular (desired) wavelength occurs then my camera acquires it and then goes into pause mode. This explanation may not be enough so if you have any questions, let me know.


Basically, I have a PCI 1422 and PCI 7833R connected to a PC and I want both the both to talk to each other individually or via host (PC).  I know about labview programming a bit but FPGA programming is entirely new thing for me. So, please help me with some suggestions, examples or where to start from?


Waiting for the reply.


Thanks in advance.

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