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Triggering in Labview using Analog Input Signal

Hi NI community,


I am trying to acquire an Analog Input signal using LabVIEW (2010). I am using input analog signal (like sine wave) as a triggering source. Also I want to record the same wave/pulse.


How can I do this operation?


I am using NI-PXIe-6124 card.

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What is the problem? The DAQ? The triggering? The logging?


What do you have and where did you fail?

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Thanks for your response.


I am using the start trigger option. When I use rising edge and set trigger level, the data previous to trigger level is not recording and the intial pulse is not capturing completely.


so I want to record some data prior to trigger so that I can get the full pulse.

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I'm not sure if the hardware is capable of doing that.


Here's the scheme I used (with different HW).


1) Start capturing data. Store it in a memory buffer. Data beyond the pre-trigger time can be removed from memory. Usually, the buffer is a 'circular buffer' type.

2) Analyze the data (in a parallel loop of some kind), to see if there's a trigger.

3) If so, store the buffered data, and wait for the post trigger data to come in (while storing it as it comes in).

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