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Triggered Pulse Train, Similar To Pulse/Delay Generator, In LabVIEW

Hello, I'm currently trying to write a LabVIEW VI to generate an external-triggered pulse train using a DAQ board, to do what a pulse/delay generator would do.  Basically I will have a signal sent from a waveform generator into an oscilloscope for triggering, which generates a pulse train.  This pulse train is then sent to the source input of the DAQ board for triggering a pulse train, such that for every pulse sent to the DAQ board, a pulse with a width 5% of the triggering pulse will be generated by the VI and outputed from the board to a pulsing LED.  I have looked on the internet but could not find anything that does something like this.  I think a good starting point would be to just trigger a single pulse, which I can set the pulse width, when the first trigger signal is received.  Then I can put this code in a while loop, so it will continue to execute until I tell it to stop.  Once I can get this going, I hope I can begin to vary the delay using this VI.  If anyone can help me get started on this and give me some ideas, it would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!
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I am not sure what device you are using but what i believe you want to do is a retriggerable finite pulse train.  So, everytime you see an external trigger you want to generate one pulse with a specified pulse width (5% of the trigger pulse train).  The NI Example finder has an example that does this already.  All you need to do is adjust the parameters to meet your needs.  You can adjust the frequency, duty cycle, trigger delay, and trigger source terminal (one of the PFI lines).  The example I am referencing can be found by going to Help>>Find Examples:


Hardware Input and Output>>DAQmx>>Generating Digital Pulses>>Gen Dig Pulse


Hope this helps!


Jordan F
National Instruments
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Thanks Jordan, I will give this a try.  I'm currently using a BNC 2121 breakout board...I'm not sure which DAQ card is installed in the system.  Currently someone else is using my equipment, so I won't be able to try out the example, but once I do, I will let you know how it works. 
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