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Trigger Event through file path control

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I've noticed a undesired action stemming from a file browse window.  When the file browse window is open over the control area, it triggers an event for the background front panel control.


I attached a little demo .vi, which shows the behavior.


Is this an intended Labview action, and any ideas on avoiding it?

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When you double-click on a file, that is directly over your array, the second mouse-down dismisses the file dialog, leaving your mouse pointer over the array with the button down.  Thus the mouse-up from the second click gets captured by the array control.

Probably the best solution is to filter the mouse-up events, ignoring them if the control has not previously captured a mouse-down event.

"If you weren't supposed to push it, it wouldn't be a button."
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Why do you need a mouse up event for the array?


It would be much more common to use a value change event on the array to determine if a button was pressed.

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Normally, I would use a value change event, but I'm looking for _which_ button was pressed.  Maybe there's a better easier way, but I'm using the coordinates to find which button.


I probably can rework it, but right now I'm under a deadline and have other aspects of this application to get finished.

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Accepted by KipK12

Use the Old Value and New Value terminals on the nodes on the inside of the event case.  Compare them for equality.  Search the arrays for the first false.  That gives you the button that was pressed.

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