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Tree Ctrl: Allow Selection of Parent Items?

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This seems rather basic but I don't understand why when the option "Allow Selection of Parent Items" is DISABLED, I can no longer select any children items. Shouldn't I be able to select ONLY children items (or at least items that do no have any children themselves)?


Using LV2015




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You need to go into the Edit Items dialog box.


For those items that are children, you need to check the "Child Only?" check box.  Then you will be allowed to select them when you have parent selection disabled.

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Your solution was correct. While in edit mode I had to insert in the child then right-click the child and specify 'Child Only Item' for that child. Then I was able to select only children when 'Allow Selection of Parent Items' was disabled. A little tricky. I'll assume that the process is similar were I to construct my tree programmatically at run-time. Thanks RavensFan!

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