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Tree Control with checkmarks for selection



In my project I neede to use a tree control with check marks associated with each item which should allow users to select or deselect a particular item. Once all the item selection is done, I need to read the parent items selected and also the selected child item associated with each parent item. Please let me know how this can be implemented in LabVIEW.


Thanks in Advance.


Sri Vidya

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Did you try looking at the shipping examples? Help -> Find Examples. Search for "tree". Open the example "Setting Custom Item Symbols". Or "Traverse Tree and Set Custom Symbols".

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You can then use the checkmark symbols from the LabVIEW glyph library or dowload one from google image.



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Maybe you could use this.  Call this VI from a Value Change event of the tree.

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Hi pcardinale,


The attached VI is looking for which is not found. Also it is looking for the customised list ring control Symbol(check). Please let me know if you can send these as well to understand the flow and reuse in my application.

Thanks a lot for the inputs.


Thanks and Regards,

Sri Vidya

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Sorry about that.  Here's the whole set.

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