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Trapezoidal Commutation example for NI 9502 not found

I'm  starting to enable the NI 9502 in the cRio 9035 and all manuals says that i have to open the "Trapezoidal Commutation" example installed in the labview\examples\CompactRIO\Module Specific\NI 9502 (as seen in the attachment "Manual") , but in the Module Specific folder there isn't a NI 9502 folder (as you can see in the attachment "Captura"), i did look for a downloadable online but there isn't a single one. Do you  know where can i find that example? or a similar one to work with?

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Yes, i already have. There's something i have to do with it in order to find the example required?

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Apparently I was looking in the wrong place, sorry about that UNBiobed!


The readme example that is located in the 9502 says:


The NI 9502 examples are now sample projects.

Go to File»Create Project... to get started with the 9502.


Let's see if you see them in said menu.



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Hi Oscar, yeah i did read the "readme" example, but it is not in the "create project" menu either. Will it be i need to install something else?

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I took a closer look at your screenshot, and detected you're looking for the examples in LabVIEW 2019. Please see: Where to Download LabVIEW 2019 SoftMotion Module


I presume you have multiple LabVIEW versions installed, and recommend working in 2018 for now. Please confirm if you do see the examples in a previous version for which you do have the SoftMotion module installed.



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