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Transparent NXG or JKI Flat buttons

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Hello, I want to have some buttons with a transparent background regardless whether the buttons is clicked or if the mouse is hovered. 

However, when I use a button from the NXG or new JKI Flat package, changing a color from the properties menu causes the mouse hover color to become black regardless of which color I chose. If I do it programmatically with a property node I can only change 4 colors (ON, OFF, T>F, F>T) and not the hover color.


How can I change this to also be transparent?


I've attached a sample vi to show the problem.

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Question: why are you using a button with hover states, if you don't want hover states?

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Because I have an icon package (in this case JKI Flat) that doesn't have buttons without a hover state.

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Accepted by Basjong53

So, this property node says colors[4] but it's lying, you can actually shove 6 colors in there and it will work if it is a six state button. I was so confused the first time I tried it, but it really works. The order (if I remember correctly) is false, true, true transitioning to false, false transitioning to true, false mouseover, true mouseover.

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Hah, that does indeed work, really weird that it says colors[4] then. Thanks for the answer!

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