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Transparency issue with 2D compass plot

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I am using a 2D compass plot to display joint angle. I desire to have the plot area and the chart border transparent so the plots are over an image on my front panel and nothing else is visible. While I can set this in the control editor and with the colouring tool in my VI. When I save and reload the vi the transparency has been removed. Does anybody have a fix for this? I am running LV10.

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Hi moreilly,


The compass plot in LV10 cannot save the frame color. It's a bug. It is now fixed in LV12.

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Thanks Hanrock, had a feeling t might well be a bug. Any idea if its possible to set the transparency of the frame colour using property nodes or if possible could you create a transparent 2d compass plot .ctl file in LV12 save it for lV10 for me and I could see if that works around the bug?

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Accepted by topic author moreilly

Sorry. There is no such property node in LV2010. The only work around is to open the the following VI and make the controls frame transparent using the coloring tool. That VI gives the original looking of the compass. This workaround only affects the compass control on your machine.


C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2010\vi.lib\Math Plots\2D Math Plots\2D Compass\2D Compass XCtrl\

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Thanks for your help. Unfortunately I need to create .EXE file to be used on another computer which only has lV10 runtime installed on it. Better start looking at other ways to display the data!

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If you build the compass into .EXE, this workaround is O.K.. I just tried it. Since the .EXE will self-contain the modified facade inside.


The workaround doesn't work if you copy the VI of compass to another machine and run in LV instead of runtime.

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Excellent. Thanks again.

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