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Transferring plc (s7-400) tags into oracle database

I am doing a project which is to transfer all plc (s7-400) tags into my oracle
database. As i heard about Labview, it is possible to do my job. I have read
many manuals searching on internet but i am not able to do this so far. I am
using ni opc server and labview in order to transfer all the tags of s7-400 plc
to oracle database. I have already transferred the tags of my plc to ni opc
server but after that i am still unable how to transfer the tags from niopc
server to oracle database via labview. i read something about labview database
connecty toolkit manual but its not suffecient to understand properly. Please
help me, i need some step by step documents or procedures in order to complete
my project. ITS urgent for me.  Please note that, i need a step by step
procedure to transfer all tags opc to oracle via labview.  THANKS

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Hello Mahmilton.


Have you installed the LabVIEW Database Connectivity Toolkit?  If you have, I would suggest taking a look at the examples that ship with the toolkit.


You'll find links to sample code, links to discussion forums related to the Database Connectivity Tooolkit, and the user manual at the following link:

LabVIEW Database Connectivity Toolkit -


I did a little Googling, and found this link:

Need help setting up labview to work with oracle -


I'm not going to post step by step directions.  The links I have provided are enough information to get you off the ground and moving towards a solution.  Part of software development includes learning how things work to understand how they fit together - and you'll be a stronger developer if you can learn how these things fit together.





George B.

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