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Transfer function in LabView

Hi all,
I'm very new to LabView and I need a little bit of help to get started.

I'm hoping to build a simple roll bender and I'm looking to see if
LabView would be a good option for controlling the system.

To start off with i want to see if labview 5 can control this system:

My PC interface will be: NI USB-6009 14-Bit, 48 kS/s Multifunction Data
Acquisition for USB
I hope to set up a test rig where I have an LVDT as my input and 2
LED's as my outputs (the led's will indicate FWD/REV... in the future
this output will control an actuator... e.g. motor forward & Reverse).

I want to have a set point where the actuator will move to. In the
future I hope to have the actuator bending a sheet of metal, the LVDT
will input the the sheets position and the actuator will bend to this

How can I so this in lab view especially using a Transfer Function?

In the long Run I'm hoping to find the relationship between the moment
and the curvature so I can control the shape of the metal work piece as
it moves through the bender.

If you would like further info e.g. diagrams etc please email me.

Please forgive the fact that I know very little 🙂

Thanks loads,

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