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Transfer files from scope to PC via GPIB

HI, how do i transfer the files to my computer? i am using LabVIEW 8.0 and TDS 694C scope. i tried using the Hardcopy start command but it doesnt save it into my C drive. i also tried to use TKTDS from the drives but it also wont work. when i type hardcopy?  it will show this . BMPC;GPI;LAN;HARDC;"fd0:/c:/TEK??   .BMP"
when i type hardcopy:filename? it will come out "fd0:/c:/TEK??   .BMP". instead of saving it to the diskette on the scope i want to be save it in my harddisk. how do i set it to do so?

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That command will obviously not work because it is a query. Anytime you append a '?' to the end of a command, you are asking the instrument to provide some data. You are not telling it to save anything?


A careful read of the instrument manual is probably in order. 

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well those commands is just to show you the status of my problem. how am i able to set it to save to C:\ instead of having to start with fd0:
how do i send my files from scope to PC?
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would anyone please help me to convert this VI. from ver 5.1.1 to ver 8.0
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Since you have 8.0, I don't know why you just don't open it yourself.


In any case, it really needed some cleanup. I've posted a modified version. As you can see, the correct command for the hardcopy is to direct it to the GPIB port. You then do a read and save it to a file.

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HI Dennis, thanks for converting the vi for me. but when i tried to run it showed some errors. how do i solve it?
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I can't run it but you don't have a valid path. All that you have is C:\. You need to have a file name.
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