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Transfer cRIO data to cloud

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I'm working on LVRT application, the temp data is written to the text file and saved to cRIO drive C:, is there any possible way that I can programmatically transfer files to a cloud storage through the front panel, more like upload something. Thank you very much. 

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there may be several ways.


first, you could circumvent the problem and access the crio from the outside via ftp/ssh/webdav.


second, there is at least ftp in labview/rt, a quick search for sftp in *search engine* will find you a library, you will possibly find some for other protocols as well.


also you can use the "system" to execute a command/script on the crio (linux).

what i would do is to get for example binary for the system and call it.


please keep in mind, that you should make sure to secure the network access to the crio. don't put it directly on the internet, have a firewall or something in front of it.



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