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Transfer Function of a Filter

Hi everybody


i need to create a filter from a transfer function. I get the transfer function from a frequency response of a DUT and then i have to implement it. I try to explain better: i plot the frequency response of my DUT, i make a fit of the response and get a polynomial equation that describe that curve, then i inverse the transfer function plot and and put the new polynomial equation in this form: 1 / (a0 + a1 X + a2 X^2 + ...). Now i think i have to go from X to frequency domain and then i can implement the transfer function to obtain a filter to filtering a waveform.


Is it correct?? Do you have any other idea??

I have the Digital Filter Toolkit and The Control e Simulation Toolkit.

Please let me know if you have an advice


Thank you

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Well i mean..

is it possible to build a filter that has a magnitude/frequency response  which follows the course of a curve (a frequency response) that has a well know formula?? 


build filter.jpg

Thank You

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Hello Nigeltorque,


have you taken a look at the following example?


Filter and Frequency Response


Does this respond to your question?

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