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To much data?

Hi everyone,


I’d better start right away… This is my problem this time:


I want to do some analyses with LabView. Analyses on frequency spectra.


I got raw data from some force measurements. It’s a measurement with an high sample frequency so there are a lot data points. Normally the measuring file is an .smr file. But I can also save it as an .txt file. I added a .txt file. The .txt file contains over 210.000 separate measured values.


I found out that this .txt file might be to big to read into LabView. When I cut the measure file into pieces I get the same signal as on the measuring program (which is NOT in LabView). I got the feeling that it eliminates values within between.


I’m using LabView 7.1. Could somebody please have a look at this problem? Just to make sure that I can use the big data txt file, because I’ll have to analyse over 130 of them, so cutting it into pieces is not a good option!


I added a big and small txt file!


Many thanks in advance!

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With the Read From Spreadsheet File function, I can read either file with very little noticeable difference in the time it takes to read.

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Oh shit, I added the wrong data files!!!!!!!
Check the same again plz:
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I still don't have any problems. The large one takes about 3 seconds to load on my pc. Exactly what problems are you having?


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my problem is that i can't get the graphic you have at the first image...
I get a look a like graphic, but than flattend at the top. So it's a sort of block wave as you wish.
But The first image looks awesome!
but how did you do that?
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The entire program is what I attached. The graph is just a resized default Waveform Graph. If you want your program fixed, you should attach it so someone can look at it.
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That's a thing that i don't iunderstand... My programm has the same beginning... I Attached it, could you please have a look at it? That would be really helpfull!
Many Thanks
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@MrHond wrote:
I get a look a like graphic, but than flattend at the top. So it's a sort of block wave as you wish.

It looks like you have a problem with localized decimal point (options...front panel). The small files contain a comma as decimal seperator while the large file contains a period, so you might only get the integer part depending on your localization settings.

What country are you in?


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I'm now in the UK, Oxford Brookes University,
But i'm working on a Dutch laptop, that's where i'm originally from
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Hoi Martijn Smiley Happy,

You should use the following formatter:

Have a special look at the %,; it will treat the ',' as the decimal sign!
Have a look here.


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