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To define a new event for table

Hi all,


I understand that we can create new user defined events ....but i exactly did not understand how to do so...


My concern is i have a table where i get the values. now if i double click on any cell of the table, i have to the value of that particular cell in an indicator i default there is no double click event defined for table, and it is infact only available with multicolumn listbox(for my knowledge)...

it would be kind help if anyone could suggest something on this as soon as possible as i need it quite urgently..


thanks in advance

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You can use a "mouse down" event, then calculate the cell position from the pixel coordinates supplied by the even terminal.

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Hey thanks for ur reply....i have already tried out that option and i was not able to convert the cordinates of pixels into can i do that?

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Of course this will only easily work well if all cells have the same size, but maybe you could so something similar to how I detect which tic-tac-toe field is clicked in one of my old examples.


Have a look at the code posted here: A full featured 4x4 Tic Tac Toe Game


Let me know if this works for you. Good luck! 🙂

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There is a 'Point to Row-column'  method for the table.

Run this method if you have a 'Double Click' = True flag for a mouse down event on the table.



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