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To coerce passed values, use the In Range and Coerce function.

-" Device Number for Card 1 uses data range coercion, which now only applies to data entry; values will not be coerced when passed to subVIs. To coerce passed values, use the In Range and Coerce function."

I had program runnning fine in labview version 5.0, Recently i updated to labview version 6.0, but when i opened file i will see many warnings like above.

I saved the file as 6.0, all the warnings are gone and program compiles as well but i am not sure saving as 6.0 eliminate those problems like..."value will not be coereced when passed to subvis"
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Although most everything converts fine when upgrading to a newer version of LabVIEW some functions have been altered or improved from previous version. Because of this you will recieve some warnings and sometimes you need to replace some functions but as long as your program runs in version 6 without warnings I wouldn't worry about it too much.
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It means that some of your controls use coercion to alter data if it is not within a range. In LV 5.0 this worked for either typing the data into the control or passing it through the connector as a sub-vi. In 6.0 the data won't be coerced if it has been passed through the connector as a sub-vi, only if it is entered on the front panel. If your sub-vis relied on this coercion to operate properly then you will need to add the "In Range and Coerce" function to your block diagram to manipulate these values. If the coercion wasn't important then disregard the warning.

Hope this helps

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