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Title in the "Write to Measurement File"


here I upload my file so that you can understand what i mean.

And I test just the voltage , without the current and power

file named '1' is the block with the "Set dynamic attribute" with set the first column "time" , after that you can see that everything is in its column ,but there is no time intervals in the first one

file named '2' is without the "set dynamic attribute " to modify first Untitled into time , so everything is in mess,but I can read out the time intervals

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I have exactly the same problem, the first column must be the time, but since I use the set dynamic data Attributes the columns is always "0"

I have 10 kinds of data and time, but the set dynamic data only let me choose between 0 and 9. If I choose the index 0 fora time, the time appears, but I lost the last kind of data.


Best regards


Carlos Palha

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