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Title in the "Write to Measurement File"


 i have a Write to Measurement file in my labview , it reads out the data and come up to a .lvm , i can read it by txt

but now a new problem occurs to me :

how can i change the title ?

X_Value Untitled   Untitled 1          Untitled 2        Untitled 3          Comment
0.000000             135.460000     135.210000    135.390000    1.37700

change the X_Value Untitled into time and also the Comment into current?

anyone can help me?

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the example is helpful , but my version is labview 8.6 ,so do you have any idea?

thanks a lot

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But you have screen shot too right?

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I have the "Write to Measurement File"component , but in the 8.6version , I didnt find set dynamic component , so that i cannot change the name of it.
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I do not have the block "Set Dynamic Attribute Express Vi" in my labview which version is 8.6 , so where can i upgrade it or any other blocks may help me to solve the name-changing problem
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Dear xyq102296,


this express VI is rather new, please find an example based on the waveform attribute function (saved in 8.6); the express VI in question is based on these VI's.


Please let me know if you have any further questions,


Best regards,

Martijn S
Applications Engineer
NI Netherlands
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the block in the is set waveform attribute which I already have in the labview 8.6 , in labview 2009, it seems that I can change the name through a block named "set dynamic attribute"

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I have installed the labview 2009 evalution version , so I have found the "Set Dynamic Attribute" which can change the name of title , but there comes up a new problem to me.

Before the "Set Dynamic Attribute" block, I use the "change to dynamic data"block , which inside it , I set the time start from now, and I have a for-loop outside , I can write down the data and the time interval between each loop, but when I connect the Set Dynamic Attribute to change the first column "X_Value Untitled" into "time " , after I done this , time interval changes to zero, when I change other column title and leave the first column unchanged , the loop works great and still shows me the data and the time interval I want.

can you solve it ?

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Please post your VI as you have it now so we can see for ourselves what you are talking about.
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