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Timing Constraints

I'm completely new to LabView and have done a good bit of reading but I'm stuck on timing. My application needs to test pressure levels and decide when they are stable.

Test pressure 6 times in 1min.
If stable move on to next phase of program.
If not stable wait 10 mins and repeat process.

The application needs to do several things that are very similar in nature to the control and timing of this pseudo code. I've been using while loops and the time controls but I'm really not confident that this is getting the job done correctly. So my question is this:

How does one go about programming in labview when you have timing constraints within timing constraints within timing constraints? I now have a mess of sequential and while structur
es and timing controls and even though on the surface it seems like it's working correctly, I want to make sure. I feel like I've been throwing things together and I want to do this correctly and be confident in the coding.

I can supply my VI's if necessary.

Any advice is appreciated.

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Maybe seeing your VIs would help me picture it. I can modify them and then send them back.

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Here are some of the files that I've been working on. Let me know if you need more explanation as to their purpose.
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I think Mark is right, seeing your code would help us in understanding your code.

A simple implementation would be to have for loop that took readings every 10 seconds 6 times that was inside of a while loop. Also inside the while loop would be code that checked the readings from the for loop, if they were stable then the loop stops, if not then wait 10 minutes using something as simple as a Wait (ms) function.

See the attached example for the general idea.

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