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Timestamp time/date browse button

Hmmm - I ported the scratch code back to LV 8.6 and it works there too...



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Did you check if this also opens when you open a menu and leave it open (see my earlier reply)?

Try to take over the world!
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I'm assuming that's addressed to manu.NET.

But I did, and it did, see my earlier reply to your earlier reply.  🙂

manu.NET - it would be worth taking a look at the link tst indicated early in the thread.



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Hello Bandit,


My problem occurs with Labview 2011 SP1.
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Hello Tst,


The error only occurs when i launch the calendar dialog by clicking on the calendar button !


On the same VI i can ...


  • Launch a modal VI by calling it in a blocking way (By simply calling the VI in the dataflow : Popup VI is dropped on the block diagram )
  • Edit manually the date/time control value (not using the date/time picker !)
  • ...
  • Without any error ! No effect on my asynchronous TCP/IP VI !

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But what about opening and leaving open a menu, as suggseted by tst - have you tried that?

Please try and post a simple piece of code that demonstrates the problem, so it can be reproduced. Something that opens the TCP connection, uses it in a loop, and closes it again at the end while presenting the option to generate the error from the time stamp browse button. It's probably easier to construct it from scratch if your application code is complex. If the example code doesn't exhibit the problem then you will have something to compare your application and possibly locate the problem.

I should add that I'm unlikley to pick anything up until the New Year.



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We are also having an issue with the timestamp control. It is sometimes causing our application to crash, but only if the browse (date time picker) button is visible.


I did some windows low level debugging and figured out that, in our case, the crash came from mesa.dll (openGL implementation) function glMultiTexCoord2d.


I believe that this function is called whenever the browse icon is repainted (If you scale up the browse button, you see that it uses quite complicated multitexturing graphics).


We are using Labview 2011 SP1.


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