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Timestamp JSON Web Services

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I'm using a Web Service in LabVIEW 2014.  I have a message for requesting errors that have happened on the web server.  When you request the read you get an array of a cluster which contains the error (as an error cluster) and a timestamp.  According to the documentation here the Web Service sends timestamp data as a formatted string.


So now when I get my string data back I try to use the JSON unflatten, but I need to replace all timestamp data types with strings.  But I still want the timestamp data not the string data.


So is there a canned function for reading the Web Services formatted string and converting it to the native timestamp data type?  Attached is an example VI with a conversion that looks like it works but I know timestamps in strings can be a tricky thing, and I didn't know if my method lost some other information.

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Personally I would say you are pretty safe doing it the way you are. The timestamp in the string is a standard (ISO 8601) that is unlikely to change.



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