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Timeout errors when using high speed camera.

Hi all.


I'm currently trying to capture images using a Mikrotron EoSens MC1363 camera at high frame rates >500fps. The issue arises when the region of interest (ROI) is decreased in the microtron software (of which screenshots are attached). The ROI must be dropped in order to increase the fps. When MAX is opened and configured to match the camera settings, and grab is initiated, the timeout error occurs. I've attached screenshots of the mikrotron software, max settings, the error and PC used. The OS is windows 7 64 bit. We use the camera config file for the mono version of the camera which i've been informed will cross over to satisfy the colour version we use. Any questions feel free to ask. Thanks.

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Hi Danbubbles,


Thank you for posting up your issue.


The error 0xBFF60022 could be related to the following things:


- You may have the incorrect camera file for this particular device, or you have not referenced the camera file to work with the PCIe-1429 card.


You mention you had the camera file for the mono version of the camera. Would you be able to post up this camera file?


You can amend camera files using a free evaluation tool called the NI Camera File Generator. It can be found below:


-  NI Camera File Generator - Interactive Camera File Generation Software


Once you have amended a camera file, you can then reference the .icd file in MAX to port the settings across. 


The image file you attempting to Grab may be too large, try reducing the values for the Height and Width of the image. Currently you are trying to Grab at 600x1024, trying reducing these values and see what you get. 


Have you tried configuring the camera in the Mikrotron SW itself? 


It is also possible set the acquisiton and ROI parameters in MAX. 


Here are some useful links to look at in the mean while:


What is a Camera File, Do I Need One, and How Can I Obtain One?


Where Do I Place My Camera File Once I Download It?


Using NI-IMAQ to Reacquire Lost, Corrupted, or Switched Video Signals


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Acquiring from FireWire® Cameras with NI-IMAQdx and Legacy NI-IMAQ for IEEE 1394


Image Acquisition


If you could let me know how you get on, that would be great.


Kind Regards,

Dom C
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Hi Dom.


Thanks for the help so far. I have set the camera file (to the best of my knowledge) to run with the PCI. When the Mikrotron software (MS) is initialised, you can set a ROI, an exposure time and framerate accordingly. Similarly the ROI can be set in MAX. To add further to the problem, i've been using a labview example program 'Grab and save to AVI' to record video files.


When the ROI is left at the default of 1280x1024 in both the MS and MAX, framerate set to the maximum of 500fps for a 10 tap 8 bit system at full resolution, both MAX and the Grab and save to AVI can grab video feeds from the camera and record video without problems - leading me to believe the image isn't too large at 600 x 1024.


Next, when the ROI is changed in MAX and saved, the grab and save to AVI recognises the change and the ROI in this also changes and video can be captured once again.


The problem seems to arise when the ROI is changed in the MS. By decreasing the ROI, the framerate can be increased theoretically. However, when the size and offsets are configured to match those set in MAX, and the framerate is left at 500fps, the timeout error occurs in both MAX and grab and save to AVI. I've attached the icd file for you to take a look at.

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Hi Danbubbles,


Thanks for the clarification.


I understand you wish to increased the framerate per second but are you not already running at 500fps, with the maximum possible with your camera of 506fps according to the manual?


From what you have said in regards to setting the ROI in MAX working but then setting the ROI in MS not working, it suggests the issue is not with MAX or the NI-IMAQ driver software.


It may be worth contacing Mikrotron or having a more in depth look at the device specifications. It is possible that there may be default (maximum) settings for the camera and if these are changed in the MS software to an unsupported configuration in the camera file, an error may result. 


It may be worth amending the camera file using the NI Camera File Generator, which I provided a link to in my previous post. 


The real question is; what maximum fps are you trying to achieve by decreasing the ROI? Are you not already hitting the maximum possible fps for the device?


It doesn't seem like the problem is related to the VI as you mentioned this works happily when the image size is 1280x1024. 


I will take a look at your .icd file but it would be good to know exactly what settings you are after as my suspicion is that the configuration may currently be unsupported by the .icd file. 


Let me know how you are getting on and post up the LabVIEW example you are using.


Kind Regards,

Dom C
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Hi Dom.


As you said the maximum frame rate with the ROI set to 1280 x 1024 is 505fps but according to the general information for the camera series:


The Mikrotron EoSens camera series features extremely sensitive high-speed
CMOS sensors available in monochrome or in colour with a resolution of 1280 x
1024 pixels and capture rates of 110 or 500 frames per second. Depending on
the model the image data is transferred in 8 or 10 bits via either CameraLink
(Base, Medium or Full) or Gigabit Ethernet.The region of interest (ROI) can be
freely selected, and the cameras can achieve even higher capture rates up to

120,000 fps when the ROI is reduced


Therefore it was my thought that by reducing the width of the ROI increased frame rates may be reached. Realistically we're looking for as high frame rates as possible so that the camera has capability to pass between projects. Currently the moving object enters and leaves the ROI within a 4 frame window, so frame rates of up to 1000fps would generate more data. Naturally, a point will come where the data cannot be physically written as fast as it is generated (>600MBps). Therefore it would be useful to get a handle onto why the error occurs as well as methods to fix it. Hopefully the problem is being discussed between NI and Mikrotron and we may have some answers in the near future.

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Hi Danbubbles,


Thanks for that clarification, I must have missed that.


Yes I can see why it would be sensible to try and minimise the ROI in order to increase the fps. What size ROI have you actually tried entering. I noticed in the .icd file that a value of 600x511 was stated in relating to when 'Binning' is turned on. I think this was a maximum value though rather than a minimum.


In addition, where did you get the .icd file you sent to me? I looked on and couldn't find a .icd file even close to your model. Did you create this one?


I would still suggest contacting Mikrotron as it would be worth having them helping out as well. The reason for this is because you mentioned the error only occurs when you change the ROI in MS.


When you change the ROI in MAX it seems happy to run the example code aswell, is that right?


I would need to take a further look into this issue before providing any further suggestions.


I hope this is alright with you.


Kind Regards,

Dom C
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If anyone is still having this issue, I just fixed it on my setup (PCIe-1429 & Mikrotron 1362).


The trick was to set the the ROI w/ offsets and width/height in MC Control Tool and then update *only* the ROI width/height in MAX, leaving offsets set to 0.


Hope this helps someone out there.



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@spoonsso wrote:

If anyone is still having this issue, I just fixed it on my setup (PCIe-1429 & Mikrotron 1362).


The trick was to set the the ROI w/ offsets and width/height in MC Control Tool and then update *only* the ROI width/height in MAX, leaving offsets set to 0.


Hope this helps someone out there.



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