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Timed Sequence

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Sorry this is kind of a simple question but I have two regarding the code I'm writing for my senior design project.


1) My first question is how do you conduct a timed sequence in applying a switch. Say I want to "Reset Device", so I will be sending a voltage of [5 0] to my DAQ and after 10 seconds or so, it sends [0 0]. Do I use a while + case + stacked sequence all together? When I try to do it, it just gives me an error.


2) Also I have two "modes" in my program. One where I control my device manually (so forward, backward and stop) and this other mode where I reset my device so it would overide the manual and reset my device. I don't know how to set my program where it can do that.


I'll attach my code to give you an idea of where I am  




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no need for sorry at this point of time but you will defenitly end up with some trouble later on if you dont change that code you have written.


I suggest you to go through the "state machine architecture" or "Queued message handler"(with event structure for capturing the user operations) (could be found in the templates provided by LabVIEW) for perfoming this task.


1) you can perform the timed sequence something like this







2) The state machine or the Queued message handler"(with event structure for capturing the user operations) will solve this problem easily. Go through the shipped examples or serach for some example codes



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