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Time stamp and barcode into .xls spreadsheet

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Hello, I am pretty new to programming in Labview and I have a few issues I need to get worked out. I am using a "Prompt User for Input" asking for a units barcode if there is a failure. So when the message prompts I have the user scan in a barcode and this needs to be sent to a .xls file. Numbers will go into the .xls file but the barcodes I am using have dashes(-) in them and when these barcodes get scanned Labview sends a zero to the spreadsheet. If I manually send numbers they will write to the spreadsheet. I also need a timestamp of when the barcode was scanned to get written to the spreadsheet as well.  Any suggestions?
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It sounds like you should be setting the Prompt User input as a string instead of a numeric if you want to preserve the dashes. Use a Get Date/Time String function along with the prompt.
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I believe you have become infected (by Express vi's, that is) 🙂


I have to be truthful, that is the one and only Express vi I have ever used.



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To tell the truth, I've only really used the express Elapsed Time function in my programs. In this case, since the op was already using the express function, I really didn't see much reason to use anything else since the fix was just a right click option.

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