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Time Error Deploying a Custom Device...

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I posted this question here:


However, being that it is created with LV, I am also posting it here.


Does anyone have experience with this type of issue?

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Hi swbpnole,


What do you have your timeout set to?


How large is the database you are trying to deploy?


Have you tried deploying one of the example databases that ship with Veristand?


One thing you might try is using the NI X-Net Database Editor to pre-deploy the database.  To do this, you simply open the utility (you can just click start and search for "database").  Once the utility is open, navigate to "File >> Manage Aliases".  Enter the IP address of your target in the IP entry box and click "Connect".  If you don't see your database listed in the top field of the utility, click "Add Alias..." and browse to the location of your database.  Once you database is listed in the top field, select it and click "Deploy" to push it to your target. You can try this same thing with the example database which should be listed in the top field on launch.  If you are able to do this and then successfully deploy your system definition, it will provide solid evidence that the large database is the culprit regarding the timeout.



Andrew Cole | Applications Engineering Specialist | National Instruments
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Accepted by topic author swbpnole

I know how to deploy DBs with XNET DB Editor. The issue was pertaining to the deployment of a custom device. I have found a workable solution in building upon the work done with the J1939 Addon for VS.

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