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Time/Date string to seconds?

Thanks Frozen for the "Edit" and credit...

Also thanks for posting a proper screen capture (I don't have LabVIEW installed on my "Internet Computer".)


What I thought was most interesting is the ability to just Use %T and not have to remember all that formatting gobbly gook (%<%Y-%m-%d .....).


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Watch out with the %T formatting!!!!!


That will use whatever the current locale is configured for and can vary between computers greatly and even on the same computer between user profiles.

Not a problem if it is just about reading back the file right after it is created but certainly going to bite you if your application is meant to create data files for archiving and read back later from different users.

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FYI just for fun.


This thread is now the current record-holder in the zombie thread revival thread, a meta-discussion about whether old threads should be locked after a period of inactivity.


(More discussion available if you follow the link, but I'l summarize my own thoughts here:  nope, don't lock 'em.  Searches turn up old threads and some old threads benefit from correction or expansion, like this new record-holder here for instance.)



-Kevin P

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Ooooo, I like shiny things and helping or creating world records!

Now another thread I commented on that was created in 2012 has to have some kind of record!

It's 54 pages of comments and I get emails almost daily on it...


       Thanks for that disclaimer on usage of %T, awesome good to know info!!

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