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Thorlabs TTC001 Controller via USB


I´m working with a TTC001 TEC- Controller to control a VECEL´s laser diode, and I´m trying write a simple application in LabView to control my device via USB. But I didn´t get a proper result.(it does not work)


I just what to controller the temperature, just to give a desired value and actual value from the controller. I use to work with a ActiveX property like in the example for the motor controller (from Thorlabs), and the idea was to switch this example for the TEC-Controller, but with no success.


I although tried to write a small program via VISA- controller for USB devices in LabView to get a connection but it still doesn´t work.


So I although found the NI discussion forum with someone with a simular problem like in this link: so it seems to me like with the similar problem, but I tried this on the same way to fix my problem,   (just test the examples on the fourm) but no result.


 Is there an easy opportunity to control the device like in the example (like withe the APT), or maybe someone have same example which I can work with, to control the TC001 over Labview via USB?

So if anyone can help me out, or have an idea, I would be very happy for any support.


Setup information:

Used device: TTC001 TEC Controller device number 87813212.

LabView version 2015 32 Bit on a host- PC, windows 7 (68 Bit)


Cheers Photont05

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I can't look at the VI right now but the use of RAW in the name implies that you used the VISA wizard to create a driver. This would be wrong. You need to undo everything and install a driver that makes it a virtual com port.
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