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Thorlabs LC1 jungo to NI Visa conversion


My question might not fit this forum, I apologize for that and feel free to remove it. But maybe you can help me with the error.

For my experiment I am trying to use LC1-USB thorlabs line camera. I installed the driver from the CD proved with the equipment, but since the software was very basic and old I downloaded the updated version version from here (Splicco). When I connect the device I don't see it appearing on the list. I read similar forums they suggested something with compatibility of device software and OS.

Apparently the new software (Splicoo v 4.5) runs with NI-Visa , but the old driver is based on Jungo. So I downloaded USB_PID_Changer v11 to convert from Jungo to NI-Visa. When I try to convert I get the following error:


Converting Jungo device to VISA device failed (VISA error 20000015): "Device communication with Jungo drivers failed"
Any idea how to fix it?
The computer that I am using is running windows in a mac. Thanks for your help in advance.
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USB devices require USB drivers for Windows.


Have no clue how that works with Windows running on a Mac.



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