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Thorlabs APT HomeComplete Event

Hello All,


I have been creating a Event Based program to control 2x Thorlabs K10CR1 stages and the APT server.  I am having trouble with the HomeComplete Event not really working.  My basic first call on the .vi is seen in the attached image, basically when the .vi is first called it will run through a series of initializations for the motors and loading settings from a file.  Then it will go into a motor init event, this is seen in the 2nd while loop on the bottom where it calls for the motors to go home, and then the intent is once it reaches home it will complete and then go to a predefined position currently known as "S3 = +1".  But it is moving on to sending the motors to the S3 positions before I receive the popup box of the home even completed.


My intent is to have a startup sequence of: load the motors and settings, send the motors to find home, once they find home and are registered to find home then go to the predefined position.  


I am not having any issues loading the motors and getting them to run, it just seems the HomeComplete Event is allowing the motors to continue on this work without completing the event first.


Any help would be appreciated.


~D. DeWitte
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