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Thermal Printer Suggestion

Hi Guys,
Just wanna ask for your reccomendation on what thermal printer(Brand) should i use.

That can easily controlled by labview smoothly..
My application is just a reciept printing with logos (.bmp image).

Anyone here already tried to make this one pls give me some advice.

I really dont know where to start.


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We use Citizen's printer with a self-written LabVIEW driver implementing this protocol. Unfortunately, I can't provide it.

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A different solution (printing by creating a file) is shown here.

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Hello JB,


I have Citizen CL-S621 label printer , I want to communicate it via the DB 25 pin Serial port through Labview..


Please share the method which you used.... 

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You can access serial devices with NI-VISA. At that point, it should just be a matter of knowing what commands to send. It looks like the document JB linked has all the commands you would need. Here's a simple tutorial on using NI VISA to interface with serial devices, hope it's helpful:


Serial Instrument Control Tutorial

Staff Software Engineer
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