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The suitable LabVIEW data type correspinding to the array of structure in Visual Basic ActiveX DLL


I need to call a VB ActiveX DLL from LabVIEW. When I run my LabVIEW code, I always meet an error as:

Error 1 occurred at Incorrect Function in
Possible reasons:
LabVIEW: An input parameter is invalid.

I have read the VB DLL code that defines the data type. It fills data to a structure, then puts this structure to the array, and sends the array of structures to the method.
VB Code:

For I = 1 To 31
Set MyInputData(I) = New EM_nkd_DataPoint
Next I
With MyInputData(1)
.Amplitude = 8.44
.DataPointType = R_HW
.DataSource = MEASURED
elength = 409.56
End With
With MyInputData(2)
.Amplitude = 91.60113
.DataPointType = T_SUB
.DataSource = MEASURED
.Wavelength = 409.56
End With
With MyInputData(31)
.Amplitude = 91.96825
.DataPointType = T_SUB
.DataSource = MEASURED
.Wavelength = 657.43
End With

My problem is that I can’t find a suitable kind of data type in LabVIEW which is corresponding to this case

Attached my LabVIEW code for reference.

Many thsnks.

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if you have a complete source code including EM_nkd_DataPoint class module, take a look inside in order to see data types for Amplitude, DataPointType, DataSource and Wavelength (probably for Amplitude and Wavelength is SINGLE). If this code is not available, maybe the author mentioned a type for T_SUB and MEASURED even if they are constants.
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