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The subVI is not executable, using an example from NI

The subVI is not executable. You must fix all errors in the subVI before this VI can run. is the error I get when I am trying to do this example :


I have labview 8.6 and report generaton tool 1.1.3 and I have the same issue with a number of other examples. When I double click the error it takes me into some weird VI saved on the computer or maybe its the function itself being opened. I don't know what to do here. I have attached the image for the circuit.

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Do you have DAQmx installed?

LabVIEW 2012

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yes of course. I have installed everything. Latest daq version and 8.6 labview with 1.1.3 Report Generator

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When you click run does it list any errors? Can you post a screenshot of that?

LabVIEW 2012

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According to your other post, you're trying to run this under XP Virtual Machine. Is this still the case? (Trying to install DAQmx this way is not supported.)

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i have, thats the error. Here I added another screenshot for the "Ms Office Report" function. Look at the exes, when I click them they take me to the insides of other VIs

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no VM is not being used. I accepted the solution in which the LAbview 8.6 is installed on windows 7 by doing so maually. Everything is A okay until these functions stopped working

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I don't have DAQmx. What I did was open the example and put a diagram disable structure over the DAQmx express VIs. All I got was an error in the report express VI saying file not found. I double clicked it and set the path to a directory that exists on my machine and it ran without errors. It looks like you might have modified the example. Can you post the actual VI you are running?

LabVIEW 2012

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Because that particluar file does not open in 8.6, i had to do it myself manually but i didnt add the waveform chart. I am also adding an example from my computer which utilizes the MS Office Report function that doesnt work. That is more tourbling since it came with the installation. See attachments for both. Thanks

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