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The problem with SFTP communication

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Hi everyone,
I am trying to connect to robot (Universal Robots) via SFTP.
When I use FileZilla, everything is ok, I can connect. In the attachment I am sending a photo (FileZilla.png).


When I wanted to connect via LabVIEW - unfortunately I can not connect. I wanted to read, for example, the log_history.txt file, so I create a simple program. In the attachment I am sending a photo (LabVIEW_sftp.png).


From what I know, I should get the contents of this file. Am I doing something wrong? Should I add something? When I turn on the program, it never turns off. I need to use the "Abort Execution" button
Have you ever had similar problems?
Thank you in advance for your help.


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05-06-2018 02:59 AM

@MirekEK wrote:  Am I doing something wrong?

Yes.  That VI is for FTP, but you need to SFTP.  FTP is simple TCP based while SFTP is based on SSH.  They are not compatible with each other.


Unfortunately, LabVIEW does not currently support SFTP.  You might be able to make a wrapper around Putty to do the job or some other .NET library out there.

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Thanks for the clarification. On the Internet I found an example program code that allows communication through SFTP using LabVIEW.

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